March 12, 2012
Wanna get involved in CHSHumentary?

The level of excitement for this project is reassuring. Many people have asked how they can help. You can help in a few ways:

• Volunteer to document your adventure to the CHSH tweetup with a camera or smartphone. Minimum 720p quality. Film your experience before, during and after. Small excerpts are perfect. The shorter the better. Releases will be provided for consent of use. Talk about the social media networks you use to stay connected to the CHSH event.

• Recommend a person or couple of interest to tell their story at CHSH. Has someone you know found a companion or best friend through this weave of networks and personalities? Do you know someone who found a support network using social media relationships? Stories of connection are most relevant to this category.

Recommendations will be contacted to tell his or her story with consent. This is not a contest; those making the recommendations will not be announced.

I’m not interested in drama situations or stories of duplicitous persons. I want to share how our community has healed. How it has nurtured. How it has blossomed love.

Questions can be directed to chshumentary at gmail or the ask box. Let’s make this happen together!

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